Barlow Roots Pig Sell Sheet 2023

The Process:
Pigs are purchased locally from a Heritage hog breeder and brought back to our Barlow Roots homestead. They will then live a wonderful life on our homestead foraging for food, enjoying organic fruit/vegetable scraps from our garden and our local organic grocery store and an everyday ration of conventional hog feed. Pigs are moved to fresh ground every few weeks. The pigs enjoy plenty of mud baths and time laying in the shade.

Once the pigs grow to the proper size (around 250 lbs, in about 6-7 months) we have them butchered. This year we are intending to take our pigs to UWRF where they have a USDA Certified butcher shop. After we drop off the pigs it should take a week or two to get back the finished meat. We will let you know what the pickup process will look like.

The Pigs:
We purchase our piglets from a heritage hog breeder. We have loved the friendly disposition of these pigs and the pork has been excellent. These heritage hogs were what everyone raised and ate before factory farming took over the landscape. You can learn more about the breeds via Google.  The difference in how these pigs are raised with plenty of room to exercise and a diverse diet makes a tremendous difference in the final product.

The Payment:
To secure your interest in the pigs we ask for a $100 deposit for whole pigs and a $50 deposit for a half. At the end of the process you then buy the pig from us based on the hanging weight of the slaughtered pig. We get that weight from the butcher on their scale when the pig arrives. You will pay the butcher the cost of butchering the animal (including all the cuts, smoking, sausage or brats and wrapping of the meat). In recent years we have paid the butcher and then just had our customers reimburse us for the cost. The pricing breakdown is below:​

  • Barlow Roots fee is $4.00 per lb hanging weight
    • To estimate costs our pigs were 185-232 lbs hanging last year, so a half is 90-115 lbs
    • Average cost: $400 for a half, $800 for a whole
    • You will pay the butcher based on the cuts you choose and any other options you pick such as smoking, sausage, etc.  based on our experience you can expect $120 – $160 for half, $240 – $270 for whole
    • A whole pig will give you 125-150 lbs of meat in your freezer

Contact Us:​​

If you are interested in purchasing a half or whole pig for 2023 please contact us at:

About Us:

Barlow Roots is a family run garden, orchard and homestead. We raise fresh produce in the summer for our farm stand and enjoy the process of living sustainably off our land. We love to share our story online, you can search Barlow Roots on Facebook and YouTube to learn more.