Welcome to Barlow Roots. A beautiful life, naturally grown.

Barlow Roots is a way of life for us. We are homesteaders, which is a badge that we wear proudly! We strive each day to simplify our life and fill it with fulfilling work around our homestead. This means digging in the soil in our market garden, raising hens for eggs, chickens for meat, goats for dairy and a few pigs on our land. We believe our most important responsibility is in raising our children. We believe our children are our legacy, and the time we spend with them is incredibly important.

Through building our homestead we look forward to sharing our story. We hope to encourage others to find the joy and fulfilment in raising your own food, eating good, working hard and creating a community of like minded friends and neighbors. We believe strongly in the resiliancy of the family and that financial literacy is important element for building a centered and peace filled life.

We share our story on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and our newsletter Homestead Roots. We hope you follow us as we share more to engage, inspire and teach others as we continue on our journey.


Healthy, delicious and grown with LOVE.

We love growing what we grow and raising animals on our homestead. Watching a tiny seed, baby chick or baby pig grow into a beautiful plant or animal that nourishes our family and your’s is why we do what we do.


We were blessed to have the crew from Twin Cities Live come for a visit. Check out the full video on the left.